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Monday, June 25, 2012

As a 24-hour party person with a heavily pregnant wife, I decided to do our shopping online this weekend. They charge me £5 to have it delivered, but I thought it would save me time. And it did. Assuming you don't include the half hour spent on the phone to Asda Customer Services trying to correct all their mistakes.

I ordered two boxes of eggs. They charged me for both and delivered only one, containing three eggs that were broken.

I ordered 2kg of bananas. They delivered one single banana weighing 200g.

I ordered two boxes of skinny lattes. They charged me for both and delivered only one.

I ordered one pack of ground coffee. They charged me for it and didn't deliver it.

And as for the single red pepper that my personal shopper chose for me, well frankly I've seen bigger tomatoes. Seriously. Amelie could fit the whole thing in her mouth without chewing. They claim that the people who pick the shopping are trained to select the goods as though it was their own shopping they were choosing. So I presume this one doesn't like peppers.

Fortunately they've refunded me for the missing goods, but I got no compensation for the bananas, because the lady on the phone suggested that maybe they'd only had one left in the store. That's the 24-hour superstore, stocking thousands of bananas a week. She proposed that ordering 2000g and receiving 200g was purely coincidental.

So I'll be spending my refund on petrol to get me to a shop where I can pick up everything I ordered. Which kind of defeats the object of the exercise. It's a good job I've got a soothing photo of two kittens, or I'd probably go mental...

Not only are they permanently surrounded by leopard print, but Andrew tells me they keep trying to break into his cocktail cabinet. It must be like living with Bet Lynch.


Phil's Mum said...

That is pretty disgusting (the shopping, not the kittens, who are still VERY cute)!  I should try Tesco's next time.  They have MANY staff picking orders for online customers.  I know, because they are always in my way when I'm trying to do my shopping in the store.