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Friday, June 08, 2012

In an effort to test the theory that familiarity breeds contempt, I did the same 21 mile road trip across Sussex again this morning. Frankly I could do it with my eyes closed. Although that's one test I won't be repeating. Fortunately, today's trip was a lot more straightforward. In fact the only thing not working was the concept of nice weather in June. It wasn't so much flaming as inflammatory. I felt like strangling Michael Fish. Mind you, I always do.

Anyhoo, the big news from around here is that I've received a new date for my jury service. The British legal system now requires my skills of reasoning and judgement on October 1st this year. So I could be spending Amelie's birthday up to my ears in murder. Having had it deferred from the end of July, this new date is technically unavoidable for anyone but the dead, so I'll need a pretty good excuse to get out of it. Not that I want to. I plan to emulate Henry Fonda in 12 Angry Men. Only fatter and in colour.

In other, more cuddly news, we're hoping to rehome one of the kittens in just over a week's time. They'll be seven weeks old tomorrow, and our friend H (not from Steps) will be off work the week after next, so it seems like the perfect transfer window. H can find out what it's like to have kids by staying in all day with a crying baby. Give it a few days and she'll be desperate to get back to work.

In preparation for the move, H popped round yesterday with a red cushion cover. She's already selected the kitten she wants, so now she just needs to make sure it goes with her soft furnishings. Preparation H often involves the use of cushions to ease any discomfort, and this plan is no different. H wants the kitten to get used to the cushion cover in the next few days, so that it'll have something familiar to use as a security blanket in its new home. We've offered her Amelie, but she said no.

Unfortunately, as with food, treats, and pretty much everything else in these kittens' lives, accessing the comfy cushion means having to shove your mother out of the way first...

The only time she gets up is to eat her children's meals.


Peter Chapman said...

I hope this transfer deal includes regular photos sent from the owner. I won't be able to cope without knowing how one of the kittens is getting on.