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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

As of this morning, the phrase 'GoDaddy outage' refers only to my imminent departure for Liverpool. I'm due to leave in half an hour for the annual shindig of this great nation's retinal screeners. The conference doesn't actually start until tomorrow, but I've taken a day's annual leave and booked an extra night at the Travelodge so that I can journey up there at my leisure and see the sights of Merseyside. It also gives me two decent sleeps away from my wide-awake kids.

Whilst on paternity leave last month, I was voted onto the national council representing my profession (I should go away more often), with the chance to wield unimaginable power and influence over my fellow professionals up and down the country, so it's important I'm not asleep when they announce my name at the AGM. I've learnt from my experience in Newcastle three years ago and then Manchester the following year that travelling up on the morning of the conference is conducive only to an afternoon nap. Unless the conference is held in Brighton. So I'm getting there a day early in the hope of keeping my eyes open for the ophthalmologists, and seeing the inside of this room...

... instead of the inside of my eyelids.

On the downside, the longer I stay, the more likely I am to come back with a Scouse accent, so I'll be leaving straight after the conference.

Amelie has drawn me a total of nineteen mixed-media artworks to take with me, and is working on the twentieth as I write this, so I might need to pack a second suitcase. I've promised to send her a postcard in return, so I'll be buying that the moment I step off the train, to ensure it gets here before I do. Lisa's got instructions on how to keep Chloe alive, and I've told Toby he's got to be good. So I think we're all set. Liverpool, here I come.


Lisa said...

Amelie's now asking for a present in exchange for the 19 pieces of art.

A Passer-By said...

How long before Amelie starts asking for pocket money?!