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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I was getting ready for work this morning when I knocked a small flask off the shelf in the hallway. It's the flask I use to take milk to certain clinics where they guard the tea-making facilities tighter than the methadone. Amelie heard the deafening crash of metal on carpet (she has the sonar of a bat) and came rushing out of the living room to find out what I'd broken.

I showed her my flask, and she asked me what it was. And then what I use it for. I told her I use it to take milk to work so that I can make a cup of tea. To which she responded, "Do you make tea for all your colleagues?"

She clearly doesn't know me at all. But she does know the word 'colleagues', which is impressive at the age of three.


Phil's Mum said...

Yes, I was very impressed when she told me she had some new soft toys, which had been given by the son of one of her Daddy's colleagues.  Grandad asked the meaning of the word 'colleague' (its a long time since he had any) and she said it was someone you work with.  Where does she get all this information from?

Phil said...

Trust her to blab that across Sussex. It was actually the son of my boss. And he's sixteen. But I didn't tell her that, in case she thinks she can keep them for the next twelve years.