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Saturday, September 22, 2012

I took an extended lunch break yesterday in order to fill in a few forms that were sent to me after last week's conference. As a result, I missed an impromptu visit from one of my colleagues who gave birth to a baby two weeks before Toby was born, which was a shame as it meant we were unable to compare exhaustion levels and grips on reality.

On the plus side, however, when those forms reach Companies House, I'll officially become a director of a limited company. A very limited company. Frankly our powers couldn't be much more restricted. But it's enough to make my mother proud, and ensure that if it all goes horribly wrong, I'll probably lose the house. Not the house we live in, fortunately. My personal liability is about twenty-five quid, so if the company goes tits-up, I'm selling Amelie's Peppa Pig playhouse.

Having clicked on the link above, I was slightly concerned to discover that my year of birth will be a matter of public record, but at least I now know how old all my fellow council members are. Although what's going on with those middle names, I have no idea.

Anyhoo, Amelie turns four in ten days time, so we've shipped her off to my parents today to enable us to go shopping for presents. We did order one online, but it arrived yesterday in a big cardboard box, and resulted in tears from the birthday girl when we told her she couldn't open it. She didn't even know it was for her, but that made very little difference.

So we need to get the gifts bought, wrapped and hidden before she returns. We'll be heading off shortly to brave Toys R Us on a Saturday with a seven-week old baby. I'm not sure I'm going to survive...


A Passer-By said...

Seeing the registered address of your Company, I'm surprised that Rowan Atkinson is not listed as a director.   Your meetings should be a laugh a minute!