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Thursday, September 06, 2012

I visited the charity shops in Uckfield again today...

It's not so much Sense as senseless. Admittedly, it's always nice to see blue sky through your windows, but not when you're standing outside.

Three teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of arson, and subsequently bailed, but apparently the Sense shop will have to be demolished. So I hope the perpetrators don't end up in need of a bit of deafblind support in the future. Or a dress for their mother-in-law.

On that subject, Lisa's Mum dropped in today and told us that whilst she hasn't yet tried on her new dress, she has firm plans to do so tomorrow. The woman's clearly so pleased with her gift that she's wringing every last drop of excitement out of the experience by prolonging the anticipation as much as possible. She's whipping herself up into a frenzy. So I hope the thing fits.

As it happens, my mother-in-law's not the only one being decked out in the second-hand clothes of a pensioner. I've bought a new pair of shoes on eBay. Obviously I'm no stranger to wearing the cast-offs of the dead, but I'm also perfectly willing to try on the clothes of the elderly. To this day, Lisa still likes to remind me that I dress like a septuagenarian, but as of today, I'm raising the bar even higher.

I successfully bid on a pair of MBT Karani shoes at the weekend...

... and they arrived in the post this morning. They're second-hand, but in nearly-new condition, as explained by the description on eBay:

"I have worn these shoes a few times but they are in excellent, almost new, condition and only a few months old. I think they are wonderful and wish I could continue with them but I am 80 now and my balance is not very good."

So I've got the shirt of a man in his seventies and the shoes of an octogenarian. If I can just find a 90-year-old who'll sell me his trousers, I'll be rocking the pensioner chic look.


Phil's Mum said...

It sounds like the shoes must be rocking.  Otherwise, why would their previous owner feel he can't wear them because his balance is not very good?  Anyway, are they comfortable?

Jon the Bassist said...

I hear that Prince Philip, who is 91 has a fine selection of Used trousers!

Phil said...

In an ideal world, I'd prefer the trousers of a man who isn't prone to urinary tract infections.

Phil said...

They are. I think there's every chance I can limp to work in them.