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Saturday, September 29, 2012

(\ /)
( . .)
c(")(")     Look! It's a bunny rabbit sitting down!

No really, squint a bit. And then suspend your disbelief. It's a rabbit! Who knew that punctuation could be so endearing? It's the perfect cover shot for 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves'.

It's also particularly appropriate today, because it's a major weekend of romance for Brighton's most notable love-bunnies. And we're at it like rabbits. Or we would be if Lisa could get a contraceptive implant. Unfortunately we can't find a chemist who stocks them.

But as of today, Lisa and I have been together for one hundred months, and tomorrow's our second wedding anniversary. We've received a card in the post from my parents (I'm not sure which anniversary it's aimed at), but sadly they made the mistake of choosing one that's a bit sparkly. As a result, Amelie grabbed it the moment it came out of the envelope, and started calling it her 'Magic Spell Book'. She's currently refusing to let me read it in case I turn Lisa into a frog.

As it happens, tomorrow is a triple celebration. Not only is it our anniversary, but Toby will be two months old, and Amelie's having a birthday party. Without any of her friends. She doesn't turn four until Tuesday, but we've got all three of her grandparents coming round for a slap up tea tomorrow. Which means we need to get this place shipshape.

Unfortunately the table's covered in glitter, there are crumbs all over the carpet, and we've been out all day at Monkey Bizness and Tesco's. Amelie climbed the walls at the former, and I did the same at the latter. As a result, all four of us are knackered, but while the two junior members of the family get to sleep for as long as they like, the resident lovebirds still have work to do.

For a start, I need to pop to the nearest late-night garage for Lisa's present... ❤


Phil's Mum said...

Very brave, going to Monkey Bizness, instead of tidying up for the visitors - but at least you've been to Tesco's!