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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Well, it's taken two months and a lot of phone calls, but I think we've finally won the war with Churchill. There have been times this year when I've thought Hitler would have been more benevolent, but after waging the battle of Britain with our insurance company over some flood damaged keepsakes, we appear to have cleaned up. Although you can still see the water stains on the ceiling.

The important thing is that we've done something funny for money, and Churchill have paid up. Of course, in this case it's more funny peculiar than funny ha-ha, but the weeks we spent running up our phone bill, digging out receipts, taking lots of photos and compiling many lists have resulted in a settlement which makes it all seem worth it. I think. Obviously we have to knock off the hundred pounds excess we've already paid, plus the cost of the phone calls, and the numerous hours of labour (which I charge at the same rate as a plumber), but I think we're still ahead. As long as we don't have to pay for a counsellor to get over it all.

Churchill had already sent us a new vacuum cleaner (which sucks) to replace the one in the cupboard which bore the brunt of the downpour, plus a new food processor, so that we don't have to take the risk of our old one blowing up due to water-damaged electrics and sending razor-sharp chopping blades spinning across the kitchen. They'd also promised to reimburse me for the cost of replacing my ruined videos with DVDs. That cheque took weeks to arrive, but finally fell through our letterbox last week.

It wasn't enough to set the world alight (or even cover our heating bill), and we were still waiting to hear about the rest of our claim, but out of the blue, we received another cheque in yesterday's post, for an amount which is more than I'd hoped for. Even in total, the payout doesn't make it into four figures, so I don't think I'll be retiring just yet, but it's enough to make me glad we went through all that hassle. Which is not something I thought I'd say a few weeks ago.

On receiving an unexpected windfall, most people would buy a designer outfit and take the kids to Disneyworld. Unfortunately we're operating on a tighter budget here. Lisa's heading into town this morning to buy Amelie a new pair of shoes, and I'm booking us tickets for Peppa Pig World. It's a lot like Florida, only nearer Southampton. Let the good times roll!


Lisa said...

When you say buy Amelie shoes, you mean try on the one pair in the shop in her size, realise they don't fit and end up ordering some with your daughter in floods of tears. Happy days.  Still, it was a flood that got us there in the first place, so you can't expect anything less.