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Friday, October 15, 2004

Apologies in advance, but I'm just going to indulge in a bit of shameless teenage-esque hero worship for a few minutes. I've received a package in this morning's post from Jim Kitson of The Senators. Don't say "who?". Trust me, he's famous. Kind of. Having created a dodgy website about him and his (equally famous) brother Mick some time ago, Jim has sent me a pristine copy of their first album on vinyl, which he's personally signed...

It's Jim!

... before passing it on to Mick...

It's Mick!

... who obviously owns a better quality of pen than his brother.

In addition he's sent me a letter which reads:

[No really, I am going to copy out the whole thing. Don't try to stop me.]

"Dear Phil,
I was sorting some stuff out recently and I found a few of these, so I got Mick to sign it when I saw him recently, and please accept it as a token of our appreciation of all the work you put in to your website."

He then says this:

It's Lisa!

... which for anyone without a degree in handwriting analysis, reads:

"I'm glad true love has sprung eternal for you and Lisa.
Best wishes, Jim."

Which is enough to melt the stoniest of hearts. One of mine and Lisa's musical heroes is celebrating our newfound love. Possibly just in the hope of getting a wedding booking, but even so. It's still quite touching.

Jim finishes off with:

"P.S. If you've already got a signed one, my apologies, if not, hang on to it, if Ebay values are to be believed, it'll be worth nearly a quid in a few years."

Many a true word spoken in jest.