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Thursday, October 07, 2004

It's my parent's 43rd wedding anniversary today, which is one in the eye for those who said it wouldn't last, and proof positive that if you don't give your wife any money, she won't be able to afford a divorce lawyer.

Fortunately in these modern times I have no need to send a card. I sent a Happy Anniversary text message instead. At a cost of 10p it represents a saving of at least a pound on the traditional card. My Dad would be proud of me.

I can also stretch to a virtual balloon:

And they said it wouldn't last

I've checked, and apparently there isn't a traditional gift for the 43rd anniversary. Probably because they assume you'll either be dead by now, or not speaking to each other. Or so out of touch with your faculties that you're not allowed to handle money. But I digress...

I received a message back from my mother informing me of a dream she had last night, in which they went off in secret to get married without even telling their three grown-up children, and suggesting that the last 43 years may have been a sham. Which would explain a lot. I'm not sure about the getting married bit, but the idea of them going off somewhere holds a certain appeal.

I said I might mention that on my blog, which produced the reply "I should be careful what I tell you". Wise words indeed. Words which she immediately followed up with "Dad bought a French Horn on Ebay last night".

Eh??? What kind of crazy world are they inhabiting over there?? My Mum's dreaming of eloping while my Dad tries to start up a brass band on the internet. This is what 43 years of marriage does to you.