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Sunday, October 17, 2004

(Three posts in one day, what's going on?)

There's something to be said for the karma of a charitable donation. Whilst on the phone to Lisa this afternoon, I was interrupted by the doorbell. Personally I was all for ignoring it, but Lisa forced me to answer the door against my will (mainly because she's a curious orange, and wanted to know who'd be insane enough to come knocking at my little hovel on a Sunday afternoon).

Turned out it was two teenage boys who demanded money from me for no better reason than that they were dressed in nautical outfits and claimed to be from the local Sea Scouts. Which was good enough for a spineless jellyfish like me, so I handed over 50p, after which I demanded that Lisa refund the amount next time I see her.

Feeling an inner warmth from the generous charitable mission I'd just completed, I knew it was only a matter of time before fate would reward me for my good works. And so it proved.

Having bored Lisa to the point of submission, she put down the phone and I checked my e-mails. Only to find the following message from a certain Dorothy Nelson (how spooky is that - Sea Scouts and then someone called Nelson):

"Re: Ledgers. I have read a synopsis of this play and would like to see a copy - I need something for a one act festival and need to choose it within the week. Can you help?"

News of my helpfulness is clearly spreading like wildfire, so I've e-mailed Dotty a copy of Ledgers. I think I'll insist she charge £20 a ticket though, just to prove a point to Donna...