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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Just when I thought no one could beat Richard Madeley in the "There'll be Complaints" league, Fern Britton has made her bid for the title. At 10:15am this morning Fern & Phil (no relation) did a live trailer for their upcoming programme. It was broadcast during an ad break in the Trisha show, so naturally I saw it.

It turns out that 'This Morning' are tackling the little-known subject of male breast cancer today, and will be interviewing a man whose brother died from the disease, and has had to undergo a double mastectomy himself. It's a heart-rending and tragic tale.

So naturally Fern was in fits of giggles throughout. Having made it through the first few lines on the auto-cue with a straight face, the phrase "male breasts" was clearly too much for her, and she burst out laughing, before attempting to read the remainder of the information about death, cancer and mastectomies with a hand over her mouth and a wavering voice. I've never seen anyone so happy about major bereavement.

In other news, Blogger have published an article about NaNoWriMo, and have produced a blog for participants to post links to their works in progress. As a self-proclaimed internet whore, and despite the fact that I have no intention of letting people read my upcoming wordfest as I write it, I've naturally submitted this blog. It says that blogs which "clearly document the writing process" are ok, so seeing as I plan to post comments such as "Right, that's it, I'm not doing this stoopid NaNoWriMo thing any more, and you can't make me" throughout the month of November, I feel I qualify.

My fellow novelists are clearly a high-brow bunch as well, attracted to quality works of literature. One of them visited my website on Monday, and sent me the following review:

"That Poddington Peas Quiz is the funniest thing I've read in ages."

Her thoughts on the emotional depth of my full-length plays are, as yet, unknown.

Anyhoo, the good news is that my little Skoda lives to fight another day. The rear suspension has been fixed, and I'm a happy bunny again. Mainly because I haven't had the bill yet. But it means I can start packing for my upcoming holiday by the seaside, confident that my car will get me there without the help of an AA man. Unless I unexpectedly turn to drink in the next two days.