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Sunday, October 31, 2004

You know you're getting your priorities right when you sit around on a Saturday night discussing whether there's enough time to get to Sainsburys and back between the end of X-Factor and the beginning of the Strictly Come Dancing result. The answer of course is no, so we elected to watch one, record the other, and pop to Sainsburys half an hour before they closed.

It was a successful shopping trip though, mainly because I was able to prove just how easily I'm swayed by a bit of packaging, by deciding to buy a packet of 'Cow Biscuits'. They're no more than Malted Milk biccies by another name, but having been amused out of all proportion by the name, and the guarantee of "A whole herd in every pack", I just had to have them. And that was before noticing the statement on the side that "No cow suffered in the making of these biscuits". I'm so easily amused.

This afternoon we elected to go and see the new Johnny Depp film 'Finding Neverland', which I thought was a movie about the arrest of Michael Jackson. It proved not to be so, and having debated at length which screening to attend, and arranged to drop in on Lisa's mother with takeaway food afterwards, we ultimately decided we couldn't be bothered to get ready, and chose to stay in instead. But hey, it's Sunday - it's allowed. We plan to make it out of the house before sundown though. Which, having put the clocks back, is in about... oooh, 15 minutes. And no, we're not going trick or treating.

Tomorrow's the first day of NaNoWriMo, and in a shock of earth-shattering proportions, I've now done a bit of preparation. Which is just as well because I've agreed to meet Lisa for lunch on the first two days of the month, so with one thing and another, my chances of making it to Wednesday with more than a couple of hundred words under my belt, are looking decidedly slim. Wish me luck.


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