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Sunday, October 17, 2004

I've just been posting on the 'Suffolk Nanoers' message board at the NaNoWriMo site. It turns out there are a scary number of 30-day novelists in the area. Although one of them describes Ipswich as "strange-smelling", which is just not on. It's more of a stench.

I've also received an e-mail this morning from someone called Kay. Which is more a letter of the alphabet than a name if you ask me. But anyway, the lovely Kay writes:

"Dear Brighton and Hovians [how did SHE find out about my double life??]

We're on our way! We have a Friday meeting organised and spot prizes for participants in the NaNo. See the calander in England: Elsewhere for details.

We might feature on Radio 4! If anybody would like their NaNo novel described, please email me. If I get interviewed I want to mention as many of our novels in progress as possible.

I hope you've all got your family and friends to support you in this? No dogwalking, essay writing, gardening or sex will be possible in November because you need all your energy for writing.

I'm only kidding, you can walk the dog.


It turns out they're meeting every Friday afternoon in November at Cafe Nia on Trafalgar Street, Brighton, for a "moanfest" (don't go there) which will last from 1:30pm til 4pm, which is great coz it means no one who works for a living will be able to make it, thus helping to keep out those dreadful people who think it's more important to provide for the family than to sit at home watching Trisha with a chewed pen in one hand and a benefit book in the other.

It just so happens I'll be in Brighton on Friday the 12th, so I may pop along. Any excuse to get on the national airwaves. So I've e-mailed Kay with the following synopsis:

'Mirkin Topp and the Hair of the Dog', an epic tale of one man's journey east across the Bear-Faced Mountains to the Implacable Maw, to take on the Hooded Donkey which resides within and steal his hairy puppy (not shaggy dog) to make a wig for the balding king.

Now if that doesn't sound like best-seller material, I don't know what does. I'm off to turn on Radio 4 and listen out for a namecheck.