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Friday, October 22, 2004

Lisa and I are moving in together today. Yes, I know, this has seemingly come out of the blue, but the fact is it's been on the cards ever since I found out she can make omelettes and say the word 'pig' in a Birmingham accent. Possibly at the same time. So it's only right we start co-habiting. It's an arrangement with no drawbacks (we're even getting a cat), and with luck I can see it lasting... oooh, about 11 days. As Lisa romantically put it a couple of weeks ago, "It'll be make or break for this relationship".

Talking of relationships, Bob Geldof recently gave an interview in which he blamed the dodgy state of modern marriage on the "because I'm worth it" society, where people always put themselves first. The unkempt rocker also claimed that "we are sold a child-like and naive view of marriage", before continuing:

"We hop from product to product, channel to channel, station to station, and most damagingly, lover to lover, trading each one in for a new model as soon as passion fades. If our expectations of married life were more realistic, then the everyday reality would not be thought of as difficult, limiting or mundane, but rather as comforting and supportive."

But enough of all that. The fact is that these next couple of weeks will undoubtedly be the most fantastic of my life, with Lisa treating me to a neverending rollercoaster ride of passion and excitement, with constant thrills which are bound to last for ever. Because, after all, I'm worth it. Hurrah!