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Monday, July 18, 2005

Despite impressions to the contrary, this has actually been the first weekend I've spent at Lisa's flat since the end of April. No, really, it's true. Check if you don't believe me. Which means it's also the first weekend I've spent here since I skillfully constructed her new bed with my bare hands (and an electric screwdriver) two months ago. Which explains why I haven't managed to write a blog post all weekend.

But when I'm not lying on a well constructed bed with Lisa's knee in my back, wondering how she can possibly need a duvet in this weather, I'm busy losing money on animals of various descriptions. Yes, that's right, I've been betting on Big Brother. But that aside, I successfully lost a few quid on the horses on Saturday afternoon, only to then agree to a Sunday morning outing to Hove dog track with Lisa's mother (who's even more of a compulsive gambler than I am).

When I last went in October, I made a profit of £60 betting no more than £2 per race, and using a patented sure-fire gambling system developed by yours truly on the drive over there. So I was confident of success, and decided that the only change I needed to make to the system was to double my stake this time.

So anyway, twelve races later and not a single win, and I was beginning to wonder if there might be a tiny flaw in my plan. But as luck would have it, they also happened to have a 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' quiz machine in the bar. So I was able to lose two quid on that as well.

But having leaked money like a sieve for three hours, I walked out of the greyhound stadium with my head held high (and my bank balance held low), listening to the comforting jangle of Lisa and her Mum's copious (and inexplicable) winnings, happy in the knowledge that there's probably a £100 McDonalds voucher waiting for me at home. So we went to Burger King to celebrate.

As for tonight, well we're going to see...

The Descent
It says "FACE YOUR DEEPEST FEAR", and as it happens, my deepest fear is a 90 minute film about pot-holing, so it should be quite scary.

Unfortunately, in my search to find the above pic for this blog post, I accidentally stumbled across a website which gave away the film's ending. So that's ruined that night out. We might as well go back to the dog track.