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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My current circumstances can be summed up by this bank statement...

Statement of Fact
Rent, shopping, petrol, internet access and frivolous competition entries, so nearly funded by horse racing profits, but ultimately always just falling short. It's a sad indictment of my life.

But never mind, eh. I've spent the afternoon looking up charlatans on the internet. The people of East Sussex are currently cock-a-hoop (there's a phrase I really should be using more often) about an upcoming performance in Haywards Heath by king of the psychics Colin Fry. Obviously you wouldn't want to visit Haywards Heath unless you really had to, so before Lisa commits me to going along, together with half her work colleagues, I thought I'd find out a little bit about the man they call 'The Happy Medium' (no really, they do call him that).

Well as it turns out, he is a fraud, but of greater interest than that, is the revelation that he seems even more litigious than Secret of Light! Over at the website of confirmed sceptic Tony Youens, it states:

"There used to be a photo of Colin Fry here - an ordinary headshot, showing a happy smiling ordinary-looking guy – taken from a BBC webpage. For some reason Fry objected to it and told me to remove the picture in seven days or he would "not hesitate to use legal action".

I am unaware that I have broken any law regarding the use of Colin Fry's image, however if it is his wish that my site should not sport his picture then so be it. I have therefore removed it.

He also told me to remove the link from my site to as he claims the "photographic images" on that site are his copyright. I regard this demand as completely unreasonable - I am merely providing a link to an external site, which is what every site on the Web does. The links will therefore remain."

Does that sound spookily familiar or what?

Anyway, Colin's clearly a man you don't want to mess with, and not someone you want to go posting photos of without permission.

Colin Fry

Oooh, he's got big ears...


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