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Friday, July 29, 2005

It's my birthday! Hurrah! I'm celebrating by trying to lose a fortune on the horses. And let's just say it's going well so far. Lisa's currently entering into the spirit of things by sitting on the sofa and going through her accounts. Something tells me that an afternoon of horse racing isn't her idea of a good time, but fortunately it's my birthday so she's not allowed to complain. I'll help break up the boredom for her in a minute by letting her make me a cup of tea.

Anyhoo, in honour of my birthday, here are the first four home in the Totesport mile at 3:25...

1st. Unshakable
2nd. Elliots World
3rd. Crosspeace
4th. Kings Point

It's my birthday, so they're all guaranteed dead certs, and can't lose. You've got fifteen minutes to get your bets on.

Anyhoo, Lisa and I are due in Ipswich tonight for a birthday meal with Crash n Donna. And a film star lookalike. We're aiming to arrive by 7:30pm, which means we'll be leaving in... oooh, about five hours time. I'd better get my skates on. Well, my shoes on. Although Donna's wearing goggles, so skates might not be such a ridiculous idea.