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Thursday, July 14, 2005

For the benefit of a certain somebody...

Gay performer ..... Alan Cumming
.............Happy ............................. Gay

Personally I can't see the similarity. One's a gay actor and performer. The other's Alan Cumming.

But anyhoo, the postman failed to deliver my McDonalds voucher this morning, which I'm not happy about, but still on the subject of complaints, I'm even less happy with the ASA. Having heartlessly rejected my (admittedly frivolous) Big Yellow complaint two months ago, they've been sending me weekly e-mails to keep me updated on all their other decisions.

So yesterday I got a report on the ASA adjudications for the week up to July 13th, and top of the list was this one...

BROADCASTER: Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd
Date: 13 July 2005
Media: Television
No. of complaints: 1

COMPLAINT: Advertisements were shown during a break in the film Groundhog Day, shown on Channel 5 on 3 March 2005. A viewer complained that the advertisements were much louder than the surrounding programme.

ADJUDICATION: Complaint upheld.

What??? They chuck out my perfectly reasonable objection to a self-storage company encouraging people to have sex with corpses, only to then uphold a complaint by ONE PERSON who can't find the mute button on his remote control??? What's going on???

It's injustices like this that make me vote Liberal Democrat.