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Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm beginning to think Matthew Tucker was lying to me. Two days on and still no McDonalds voucher. I could go hungry at this rate.

But as compensation, the postman did bring me a receipt for my (obviously unjust) £60 speeding fine, and the return of my driving licence. I have to say, when they add 3 points to your licence, I didn't realise they do it in biro. Does that mean the key to a clean driving licence is a bottle of Tipp-Ex?

On top of that, I received an e-mail through my website at 8pm last night from a dangerous stalker masquerading as a holidaymaker looking for help...

"....and the help I need funnily enough is your opinion of your local Campsite (you dont believe me do you!!) well its true. i typed Shotley Gate into multi map and saw there is a campsite there. i want to get out of london this weekend with my husband (no I'm not stalking you) and head to the nearest bit of nice water. is shotley gate nice or is it just another horried essex seaside town with yucky modern houses. is the pub near the pier nice and does it do food. so tell me is it worth bringing our bikes and having a weekend in your village. please let me know.
Love Beth xxx
PS nice website"

Yes, she does say "love", but let's not forget she's a married woman. Although she also puts kisses, so they're probably into swinging.

But I've e-mailed the lovely Beth (hi Beth, if you're reading this) and told her that Shotley Gate is indeed the perfect place to spend a weekend.

Which is why I'm leaving for Brighton in half an hour.