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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I've had an e-mail from McDonalds!

"Dear Mr Gardner

Thank you for contacting us about your visit to our Clacton-On-Sea restaurant.

I agree with your sentiments that the level of service you received on the day in question was most undesirable. For any of our customers to be treated in the manner you describe is unacceptable and not in keeping with McDonald's high standards. As such, I am appreciative that you brought this matter to our attention and offer my apologies for your poor visit.

As a company we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction and high standards of quality, service and cleanliness at all times. I regret this has not been your experience.

Your comments are taken seriously by us and have been passed to the management team at Clacton-On-Sea. The details of your complaint will be used as part of their assessment of the restaurant's performance and procedures. These ongoing reviews help to identify any areas needing improvement within the restaurant.

You are clearly a regular customer and we thank you for your custom.

To make amends for your spoilt visit I have sent a voucher to your home address to put towards another meal with our compliments. I trust this is well received.

Again, thank you for taking the time and trouble to contact us.


Matthew Tucker
Internet Response Team"

Yes!!! A voucher!!! Mind you, I don't like the way they say I can put it towards another meal. That doesn't sound like the £100 gift certificate I was hoping for. Although admittedly I did keep referring to "my family" as though there were about ten of us (and Lisa officially became my wife for the purposes of this complaint), so perhaps the voucher will feed an entire coachload of us. Although obviously I'm on a diet, so I want be having anything myself. Maybe just a small McSalad and a fruit bag.

Talking of which, is the phrase "You are clearly a regular customer" a dig about my weight? Something tells me they've been looking at the CCTV footage. They might as well just say "you're fat" and have done with it.

But I do like the fact that the man who hands out the free food is called Tucker.