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Thursday, June 22, 2006

I was going to start this post with a lovely picture of Lisa dressed in overalls and holding a paint roller, but sadly, and to my complete surprise, she's refused to give me permission to post it. In fact her exact words were "Delete that now". Which is a shame. Personally I think she looks lovely, but she's convinced the men's shirt she's wearing makes her look 14 stone and pregnant. Which is ridiculous. No one would think she's pregnant.

But anyhoo, I might soon be in a position to get Lisa some fetching new clothes, as I had an e-mail yesterday from someone called Claire at the fabulously named Truffle Shuffle, saying that they'd like to bring out a range of licensed Poddington Peas t-shirts, but can't find out who owns the rights to the show. Having pointed her in the direction of Ian Green, former managing director of the now sadly defunct and somewhat mushy Poddington PLC, I've just received a grateful reply from Claire, thanking me for my help, and promising me the first shirt off the production line. So fourteen years after I last processed peas for a living, I can finally say I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Although personally I think they should call them p-shirts.

As for my continuing adventures in the flatlands of Brighton, yesterday was spent trying to get the old carpet up, so that the new carpet can go down without being too lumpy. Unfortunately the rubber base of the old one appeared to have been welded to the floor with a blowtorch, meaning we had to spend a gruelling five hours on our hands and knees, chiselling away with a metal scraper. Of course, when I say "we", I actually mean my parents. I was too busy going to Argos for a fruit bowl.
High Roller
BLIMEY. Lisa's just changed her mind. I knew she'd see sense once she heard about the p-shirts. And I expect my departure from Brighton last night has put her in a permanently good mood. Either that or the paint fumes have gone to her head.

Anyhoo, this might not be Lisa at her best, but on the plus side (that's side, not size), you can't see the blobs of paint in her hair, and I can always put a bookcase in front of the bit of wall she did.