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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's always nice to get down to Brighton and find post waiting for you at your new flat. It's slightly less nice when it's a water bill for £229.97. I wouldn't mind, but I've only made about three cups of tea. Although in Southern Water's defence, I did need to down a glass of water and a couple of aspirin when I saw their bill. Anyhoo, apparently I can't be trusted to use their precious water supplies (there's a drought on you know) without paying up front until March 2007. So Lisa had better not dump me, because I'm not leaving Brighton til I've got my money's worth.

Fortunately however, the arrival of my first bill meant I was able to qualify for a resident's parking permit, so I braved the drought conditions (pouring rain) and made my way to the council parking office, where I handed over a completed form, my water bill, a signed tenancy agreement, and the registration documents for my car (they don't ask you for much), whereupon I was told I can only have a permit for three months because I haven't told the DVLA I've moved. Nothing's ever straightforward. But I'm now proudly displaying a Brighton resident's parking permit in the front of my car. Which will confuse my neighbours when I head back to Shotley Gate tomorrow.

From there I went to Barclays to inform them of my address change. The girl there thanked me by losing my debit card, then losing the cheque I was paying in, then admitting that she hadn't done this before and didn't know how it all worked, before smiling and wishing me a nice day. I told her it was too late.

Then it was straight to Argos to buy two new curtains. Naturally they only had one in stock.

The afternoon was rounded off by a trip to the YMCA in Portslade, where I associated with a young Christian man who helped me to my car with a new chest of drawers. It doesn't actually match any of my furniture, but it was only £35, and let's face it, I can't start going around the local charity shops until I have somewhere to put the clothes I buy. Because obviously I'll never wear them.

Anyhoo, today's task is to unpack all the boxes I brought down in my car on Sunday, and get everything put away before Saturday, which is officially moving day. So I'd better tear myself away from Lisa's internet connection, and get on. Just as soon as The Jeremy Kyle Show's finished...