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Friday, June 09, 2006

Sometimes I wish I was still Telly Critiquing. I've just seen a heartwarming edition of the Trisha show, featuring an estranged mother and daughter who had a tearful reunion on the show a month ago. Unfortunately, in the weeks since Trisha brought them back together in an act of extreme loveliness (and not a cynical grab for ratings at all), the mother's discovered that her long-lost daughter is in fact a drug addict slapper, and rejected her all over again.

But I think the highlight for me was the moment the girl turned to her mother with an outraged expression on her face, and in a completely incredulous voice, said:

"Yes, I'm a prostitute, and yes, I take heroin, and what, THAT MAKES ME A BAD PERSON????????"

No, it makes her a pillar of the community.

Although it's also been suggested that she's shagged her brother, so there are question marks...

Oh, and I'm not really watching daytime TV, I'm actually very busy packing. At least until the hot weather forces me to stop for the good of my health. Which will probably happen around 4pm when the World Cup starts.