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Friday, September 22, 2006

I missed a golden opportunity on Sunday. Big Sis had asked me to show her the sights of Brighton, so naturally I took her to Pizza Express. But little did I know that while we were down at the marina, happily watching Lisa getting sunburnt over a Quattro Formaggi, the finals of the UK Air Guitar Championships were taking place just five minutes walk from my flat.

I know I claim that everything takes place "five minutes walk from my flat", but that's because... it does. And because I'm a fast walker. So I'm naturally gutted to have missed out on attending a musical event of this calibre, and meeting its host, Disastronaut. Not to mention the chance of entering Lisa into the competition. Although it clearly carries an element of risk - last year's winner is already dead.

Bicycle BalletFortunately though, Madeira Drive (home of the crazy golf, air guitarists, and the UK's first permanent beach sports venue) plays host to another cultural event today - a Bicycle Ballet. And what's more, it's just five minutes walk from my flat. In the words of Lisa, "There are two things which put me off - the bicycles and the ballet", but personally I'm not so easily deterred. Mainly because it's free. So I'll be down there this afternoon with a tutu in one hand and a puncture repair kit in the other.