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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

On September 12th 2003 I started writing Be Worth It, a play which takes place during a live radio phone-in (which may or may not provide answers to the characters' problems), and is essentially about aspiration, compromise, being true to yourself and achieving your goals. Which is, after all, what 'be worth it' means. The Jaffa Cakes are merely a sub-plot.

The following January I sent it to the Royal Court in London, and on 7th May 2004 they replied, describing it as "energetically written with a neat idea". Before telling me to get lost.

The question is, was the idea 'neat' enough for them to steal?

Exactly three years to the day since I started writing 'Be Worth It' (which in itself is spookier than an Yvette Fielding TV show), I went up to Lisa's flat yesterday evening and started opening her post while she was in the other room. Being a culture vulture like me, she'd naturally received the autumn programmes for half the local theatres, and in one I found details of a new play which is due to come to Brighton direct from the Royal Court in London.

93.2FMIt's called '93.2FM', and is a comedy set in a radio station. According to the blurb, "There's a storm brewing and the live phone-ins might not be able to provide all the answers... It's about achieving your goals and what may, or may not be compromised along the way", while 'What's On Stage' describe it as a play about "live radio, aspiration... and staying true to yourself", "taking the action across a live programme".

Admittedly, all the characters in '93.2FM' are black, but hey, I'm no stranger to the ghetto - I went shopping at Lidl yesterday. And I share my birthday with the lead singer of Boyz II Men. I'm totally street. So you wouldn't need to change the dialogue that much.

Interestingly, the Royal Court are the only theatre never to have returned my script, meaning that my play has been sitting around in Sloane Square since early 2004 marked "neat idea", and prime for exploitation. '93.2FM' was apparently "developed over the last two years" by the Royal Court, meaning they started work within six months of reading 'Be Worth It'.

And finally... '93.2FM' is on at the Royal Court until Saturday, after which it goes on tour, before coming to Brighton in October. And just where is it playing in Brighton?

The Gardner Arts Centre.

I rest my case.