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Friday, September 29, 2006

Cumbersome SausagesMmm... sausages. Yes, I know it looks like a bird's nest on top of three severed fingers served with ice cream and chocolate sauce, but it's not. It is, in fact, what I had to eat last night. If only more restaurant websites had photos of all their dishes. It would make blog reports so much easier.

But anyhoo, Lisa had to see a hygienist yesterday. I don't have the highest standards in the world, but having lived in Brighton for three months now, I felt she was overdue for a thorough clean, so I packed her off to Hove in the afternoon for a scrub down. Apparently she needs to start flossing, and as luck would have it, her personal hygienist was able to sell her a pack of dental floss for only £3.50. Which we later found in Asda for £1.98.

But with Lisa all sparkly and clean (and £45 poorer), I decided to treat her to a meal out, partly in honour of her birthday (a month ago), partly in honour of our 28 month anniversary (today), but mainly to get her out of the flat in case her boss rang to ask why she hadn't gone back to work after the dentist.

We ended up at The Plaza, which acccording to their website "has been serving Brighton's more discerning over 30's for 15 years". But despite that, they agreed to let us in. Double BassMainly because they were empty and clearly needed the customers. I insisted on paying for us both, so naturally I ordered from the set menu for £6.95, while Lisa went with the most expensive item they do, before adding a side dish for good measure. And having tried a mouthful of it, I can confirm that her £17 sea bass with veg was indeed very nice. Although I have to say that, otherwise I'll choke on my bank statement.

From there we dropped in on Lisa's nephews, and discovered that Nephew Number Two, who's recently started nursery, apparently has a girl in his class called Minty-Madeline. Not Minty. And not Madeline. But Minty-Madeline. Either that's a traditional name in some culture I'm not familiar with, or the parents are fans of the Peanuts comic strip. Forget Peppermint Patty, here comes Minty Maddy. Either way, she has the name of a cartoon character, and that's no life for a child.