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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just because I've been beamed live into thirty million homes (potentially, dependent on the number of households tuned in to the Lib Dem Conference at 11:30 on a Monday morning. So in reality then, about six), doesn't mean I'm going to stop buying my clothes from charity shops. So there I was in the Marie Curie shop around the corner yesterday afternoon, when I spotted a nice pair of silver earrings in the window, which I decided to buy for Lisa, in that kind of thoughtful, romantic way one does when you see something for under a fiver.

I spent the afternoon cleaning them, and presented them to her last night. She was naturally touched by my spontaneous act of love and affection, and having asked where I got them, uttered those heart-melting little words I'd been waiting for...

"They're not going to give me AIDS are they?"

Obviously I was hoping for "I love you", but that one came a close second.

Golf. It's an Adventure.As for today, my parents came down to Brighton for the afternoon, presumably in the hope that they could get on TV too, so I took them down to the seafront and beat them at crazy golf. It was the least I could do. I was hoping to bump into Lembit Opik on the greens, but sadly it didn't happen. I did, however discover that in March 2007 I'll be living 5 minutes walk from "the UK's first permanent beach sports venue". Which is quite exciting. At the moment it's just a flat bit of beach where you can kick a ball around, but with the backing of Brighton & Hove City Council and the South East England Development Agency, in just six months time it will be transformed into a major sporting venue, boasting an international size beach soccer pitch, and six footvolley courts. Or, in other words, a flat bit of beach where you can kick a ball around. I can't wait.