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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I knew things could only get better, and sure enough, having just about recovered from my new year condition around lunchtime, I enjoyed a good thirty or forty minutes of rude health yesterday afternoon before starting on a cold. Mind you, the sore throat which came out of nowhere at about 2:30pm was overshadowed slightly by the complete breakdown of my computer at 3pm. After two hours of fruitless hacking, and coming to terms with the fact that everything I own had been fried in a silicon meltdown so bad that even my trusty GoBack couldn't restore it, I turned to my brother, who led a rescue mission via mobile phone and laptop from the London to Southend commuter train.

Another hour and a half of trawling through the darkest recesses of Windows (I'm not looking forward to that phone bill), during which he talked me through things I didn't even know you could do with a computer, we (notice how I'm taking half the credit) finally solved the problem at about 7pm. After which it only took another two hours or so to restore my computer back to its former glory. By which time my throat was a lot worse.

Having been absent for most of this latest trauma, Lisa then returned from a two-day fact-finding mission to her own flat, immediately caught my cold, and kept me awake until 12:30am on the grounds that she didn't want the morning to come too quickly. Which would have been fine had the bloke in the basement flat below mine not started going mad at 3am, banging doors and swearing at a high decibel level, and immediately waking us both up.

That continued until 4am when the police arrived and stood outside my bedroom window with torches, banging on the man's door and shouting louder than he was. To his credit, the man had the nerve to shout back, though screaming "Go away!" at four police officers who are trying to break down your door, was frankly never going to work.

Anyway, once they'd got inside, we spent an enjoyable twenty minutes listening to their conversation, in which my neighbour claimed it wasn't his fault, and he was actually screaming through the walls at another noisy neighbour (I hope it wasn't me), and isn't off his rocker at all. Personally I beg to differ.

The police eventually left at 4:30am, which gave me close to an hour and a half of deep, restful sleep, before the alarm went off at 6am, Lisa switched on the radio, turned on the light, and let my cat into the bedroom to miaow in my ear. The overall noise was so loud she couldn't hear me complaining that my cold was much worse.

So I've barely had any sleep, and I'm ill again. It's the perfect start to any day. But on the bright side, my Mum's arriving in five minutes from Gatwick, where she's been attempting to shove my sister on a plane for the third time in a week. So once I've sent her out for Lemsip, she can pass on the rest of Big Sis's germs.