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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's always nice to have a frantic rush for no good reason. Having found the Entertainment Writer job on Thursday night, read that the closing date is Wednesday 16th January, then realised that the 16th is Tuesday, I naturally worked on it all weekend (stopping only for emergencies) (such as the horse racing on Channel 4), and then drove across town yesterday morning to deliver my application by hand, rather than trusting in Royal Mail's ability to transport something three miles in twenty-four hours.

The good news is I successfully delivered it at 11:30am. The bad news is I got home to find that both the Argus website and are advertising the position with a closing date of Friday the 19th. Meaning I had three days longer than I thought I had. But hey, at least the mad dash across town got me out of the house for a bit.

Changing the subject slightly, take a look at this coat...

Little Red Riding Hood
My, what a fine coat that is. Notice how it transforms the wearer instantly, giving her the stylish good looks of a film star (and I don't mean Lassie. Or Babe. Or even Godzilla. Except maybe around the cheekbones). I took this photo on the balcony of Southfork Ranch in Dallas, as the subject recreated the death plunge of Sue-Ellen's little sister. I've always wondered what made the whole shot so visually impressive, so inexorably attractive, relentlessly drawing the viewer in like a reality TV star to the opening of an envelope. And now I realise: it's the coat.

What would you expect to pay for a coat like that? Three, maybe four hundred pounds? Heck, for something that fashionable and elegant, you'd probably go all the way up to five hundred pounds.

What if I said you could get your hands on that coat for just fifty dollars? What if I said thirty? You'd bite my arm off and trample over your own grandmother for a deal like that.

Well prepare to wipe the footprints off Granny, because right here, right now (and for a limited time only) you can get your hands on your very own piece of history for JUST $14.99!!! *

Yes, that's right, Big Sis is selling all her stuff on Ebay. And she's asked me to rewrite her sales page, so give it a couple of days and I'll be calling it a collector's item and doubling the price. It's just a shame it's not green, because the way she keeps using the words "beautiful red pea coat", I can't help thinking of The Owl & the Pussycat.

* Plus P&P. Call it a tenner in English money. UK shipping available. Check out our low, low prices.