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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm trying to tempt fate here...

Ten days since I hand-delivered my job application, and I'm still waiting for the Argus to get back to me...

That should get the phone ringing.

... but not one to let the grass grow under my feet, I've wasted no time in thoroughly preparing for a possible interview by going out this morning and buying a shirt.

Getting ShirtyAnd not just any shirt. Oh no indeed. This might look like it came from George at Asda, but it is in fact a Kempton Navy Windowpane Twill Classic Shirt (oh yes) from Charles Tyrwhitt (which doesn't sound as much like twit as you'd expect) of Jermyn Street, London, and 7th Avenue, New York. Although I got mine from the Marie Curie charity shop, Brighton.

It sells on the Charles Tyrwhitt website for £41.25, but apparently it "was £55", so I expect they had to lower the price when word got out that I'd bought one. Personally I only paid £5.99, but for a frugal shopper like myself, that's like buying a new car.

Mine didn't come with that hideous tie, but I don't mind as I have no plans to become a Wimbledon umpire. Unless I hear nothing from the Argus in the next week. To be honest they'd better hurry up, because Cats Protection want a copywriter for 20k a year, and with my exemplary record in feline care (ignoring the time I attacked my cat with a pair of scissors), the job's as good as mine.