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Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm glad there's one person in this world who listens to my advice. I had this conversation with my niece on Friday morning via MSN Messenger. Fortunately my Big Sis was there to type my niece's messages for her, though I hope she doesn't assume her aunt knows what she's doing when it comes to capital letters. We don't want her picking up bad habits.

Anyhoo, as my niece had been the proud owner of a Nintendo DS, complete with resident canines, since Boxing Day, there was only one topic I wanted to discuss...

Phil: Hello [name of niece]. Are you enjoying your Nintendogs?
Niece: yes i had 1 dog it was called goldie
Phil: You should call it Spot. Spot's a good name for a dog. Or Pongo.
Niece: but i bought another one called Rosie and it was a poodle
Phil: Oooh. Are Rosie and Goldie going to get married and have puppies?
Niece: might do. but I'm saving up for another dog. Goldie was a golden retriever
Phil: Noodle is a good name for a poodle.
Niece: i might call my third dog noodle or spot
Phil: I want to play Nintendogs. Can I have a go next time I see you?
Niece: yes
Niece: we're going to town now so will have to say goodbye to you
Phil: I might call my dog Spike.
Niece: who says you're going to have a dog?

Now admittedly the conversation ended on a sour note, and possibly contributed to my general feeling of illness and desperation over the new year, but all that is water under the bridge now, because in my hour of need (the cold's no better, and I've got a headache now) I've received a letter from my niece. She writes:

"Dear Phil,
I've got 4 dogs now because I bought a new one and I called it Spot."

That's what I call a victory for common sense. She continues:

"Did you want to see what they look like because I've drawn them here"

Three out of four dogs.
Now admittedly her spelling of Yorkshire Terrier leaves something to be desired, but the most important thing to note here is that having told me she has four dogs, she's only actually drawn three. Which I'd like to think is because she's bought the fourth one for me, and doesn't consider it one of her own. But I've spoken to my mother, so I know that in reality it's because she hit the wrong button and deleted one.