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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Don't sue me.This blog post comes courtesy of two blokes called Dave, and two blokes called Matt. The first is my father, who kindly sent me the cartoon on the left (by Matt of the Daily Telegraph), which amused me enough to make it worthwhile breaching copyright and risking legal action by posting it here.

Then, in a coincidence of international proportions, my American buddy Dave (not to be confused with the drugged-up, sports-car-driving novelist from Norfolk) (who's no longer called Dave anyway), e-mailed me about an entirely different Matt, and urged me to watch this video. Which I have done. And very impressive it is too. When you get to the bits in Antarctica and Norway, you do start to wonder if the whole thing's faked, but I'm reliably informed that it's not.

Being three years older than Matt, and having visited about fifty fewer countries, it's easy to feel inadequate, but I look at it this way: he may have been to Machu Picchu, walked the Great Wall of China, visited Easter Island and stood at the South Pole, but I can dance better.