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Thursday, August 09, 2007

I was rummaging around on YouTube yesterday, looking for film clips of Bigfoot (or Bigfootage as I like to call it) when, thanks to YouTube's insistence on linking the serious scientific study of men in ape suits with the ramblings of deluded Mexicans, I came across this video of a witch...

Apparently villagers from Monterrey are being terrorised by "a flying humanoid... wearing a cape and what seems like a pointy hat". Interestingly that describes my sister in Tuesday's blog post, but I'm sure that's just coincidence. In fact, "their conclusion was that it might have been a witch". Which still doesn't rule out Big Sis of course, but I happen to know she was nowhere near Mexico at the time.

Fortunately we don't have to rely on the ramblings of villagers with camcorders, because we have the testimony of police officer Gerardo Garza, who gives this reasoned account: "I saw a person dressed in black with huge claws". Right. His colleague Leonardo Samaniego adds that "she was dressed in black with huge eyes and dark skin". Although that probably describes about half the women in Mexico.

All of this is pooh-poohed by the experts of course, who wouldn't be so stupid as to think it's a witch. The one on the video has a far more reasonable explanation: "I'm inclined to say that this is an extra-terrestrial entity, and this extra-terrestrial being rides a personal vehicle of sorts, or a flying apparatus".

Yes. Or alternatively it could just be a bloke on a WASP...

Clearly someone in Mexico has got hold of a Williams Aerial Systems Platform, which was the precursor to the Williams X-Jet, and is flying around the mountains of Monterrey with a hat on, doing his best to spook the locals. It's what's known in the aviation industry as 'a bit of a laugh'. And frankly I don't blame him. I've been to Mexico, and let me tell you, not only is there nothing to do there, but it's full of lizards, and hovering fifty feet above the ground is the only way to avoid them.

According to Wikipedia, the WASP was nicknamed 'The Flying Pulpit'. So I know what to get Dave for his birthday now.