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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Things don't quite seem to be going according to plan at the moment. I was supposed to be attending a 'Butterfly Walk & BBQ' this morning for The Kemptown Rag, and answering the question of whether Brighton's butterflies really need to be taken for walks and then cooked on an open fire, without offending lepidopterists and inciting hate mail from caterpillars. But it being mid August in Britain, I've naturally been thwarted by the weather.

I did make it as far as East Brighton Park, but having scouted around the café in the gloom and drizzle, it soon became clear that only one other Friend of Sheepcote Valley had turned up, and I didn't want to be stuck on my own for four hours with a lonely pensioner, grilling sausages in the rain and lamenting the lack of wildlife. So I pretended I was out for a bracing Sunday morning walk in the mud, and kept going, doing a quick circuit of the park and heading straight back to the car, whilst questioning my own sanity for actually having gone out to look for butterflies in a thunderstorm. I'm only covering indoor events from now on.

That's if I have time to cover any events at all. It all hinges on me learning to knit by a week on Tuesday...

Get Knitted
I presume "an enviable list of industry contacts" is code for a pensioners' group with a few balls of wool and a pattern for booties.