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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's me and Lisa!

The Other Lisa Simpson
Thanks to Matt Groening for drawing us. That man will do anything for a friend.

Well ok, I actually know Matt Groening about as well as I know the Sugababes. Although if he does read this blog, could he please make himself known so that I can ask for a job on The Simpsons. The above pic was in fact created by 'Simpsonize Me', which sounds like a film by Morgan Spurlock, but is actually "a genius marketing ploy of Burger King & The Simpsons Movie" (their words, not mine). I think yellow suits us.

Anyhoo, following on from yesterday's frank Bruno quote, I've done a bit of research and discovered that Lee Curreri was actually a bit of a soothsayer and twenty-five years ahead of his time. It turns out that Woody Allen has featured Brighton Pier in one of his films. Although he probably doesn't remember it because he was concussed at the time.

Unfortunately the film in question, Cassandra's Dream, isn't due for release until October this year, so it's unlikely Mr Curreri had seen it in 1982. Unlikely, but not impossible...

Well ok, impossible.