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Saturday, November 24, 2007

You've Been FramedCall off the search, I've found a picture frame for my stolen photos. And frankly it's a lot better than the one I bought on Monday. For a start, the print it contained (some old fashioned nonsense with rabbits) wasn't stuck to stiff board, making it a lot easier to screw up and chuck in the bin.

Unfortunately I think I'm getting a reputation as a connoisseur of bad art. I bought this one around the corner yesterday afternoon in the same charity shop, for the same price, where I was served by the same woman, who informed me that she'd only just put it out, and said "You must have been watching closely for it". I was tempted to reply that yes, I'm always on the lookout for appalling artwork, before asking if she had any Damien Hirst.

In other news, I only found out last night that my fellow charity fundraiser Hilda Braid died three weeks ago. I feel guilty now for suggesting that she forgot to turn up for the Memory Walk in September. The woman was probably on her last legs.

According to Wikipedia (so by definition it's probably not true), she "died peacefully on 6 November 2007 in Brighton, East Sussex, at the Royal Sussex County Hospital with her children at her bedside". And if the hospital hadn't turned me down for five jobs, I'd have been there too.

Anyhoo, today's my Dad's birthday, so Happy Birthday to him, and on the subject of barmy old people, I was very sad to see Lynne Franks voted off 'I'm a Celebrity' last night. The good news for Lynne, however, is that she'll be coming home to a message from Lisa, who looked up her website on Thursday and posted a comment on her blog. It was approved by the moderator within two hours, so they clearly don't understand sarcasm.