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Saturday, November 03, 2007

I noticed this advert in the job section of yesterday's 'Friday Ad'...

Good game, good game.
It was just to the left of one which began "Could you be the next Jordan? To find out, book a free photoshoot with top UK photographer Gary Silver." I've looked up Gary's website, and he's only a five minute walk from me, so I might pop in later. But in the meantime, what does the phrase 'Game Dealer's Assistant' conjour up in your mind?

Personally I took it to mean a job in a video game shop, assisting the owner in his attempts to buy and sell software, and advising customers on the resale value of a second-hand copy of Sonic the Hedgehog. With my vast experience of playing Playstation in a suit and tie, I was naturally interested.

Unfortunately, when I started reading out the job description to Lisa, she immediately disagreed, and pointed out that 'Game Dealer' could mean only one thing, and was certain to involve handing out cards for Blackjack down at the local casino. Or at least assisting the man who does. With my poker-face and borderline gambling addiction, I was even more interested.

Sadly, the rest of the advert was a bit of a letdown...

Call Now
But the good news is that I have no need to get a job now, because Lisa's followed up on her heist of last Saturday by turning to shoplifting to put food on the table. Whilst in town yesterday, she 'accidentally' (at least that's what she claims) picked up someone else's bag of shopping from the floor of a bookshop, thinking it was her own. As a result I was able to cross bread and coffee off my shopping list, and spend all evening eating sandwiches. And I'm telling you now, Marks & Spencer's Crusty White Loaf definitely tastes better when you haven't paid for it. I should send Lisa into town more often.