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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Three StoogesI was trawling through all the photos on my hard drive last night, trying to find a picture which I know is there, but which seems to have vanished into thin air (or possibly the recycling bin) sometime in the past year, when I came across this one.

It's nice to know that things never change - I'm just as bald as I was then, and my brother still wears sandals.

In other news, I mentioned on Friday that Wellies With Wings is officially the best blog in Brighton. Well the good news is that I've since read this report in The Argus, which not only confirms that the awards ceremony was glittering (that was a lucky guess on my part), but also reveals that in addition to winning 'Best Personal Site & Blog', the winged wellingtons scooped the 'Best in Show' award too. So it's not just the best blog in Brighton, it's the best website in Brighton. Well done the wellies.

Anyhoo, awards are all very well, but personally I'm in this for the memorable quotes, so I'm pleased to see that 'Think Exist' have organised a list of my best quotations. Oddly I don't remember saying any of them, but as I once remarked to Peter Ustinov (in a dream), I have a photographic memory; I just don't have any film.