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Monday, November 02, 2009

If you're going to ditch the buggy and start walking, you need a decent pair of shoes...

Foot & Mouth
And if they taste good, that's a bonus.

Just over three weeks ago, with the ker-ching of Amelie's birthday money still ringing in our bank accounts, Lisa went out and bought her a pair of shoes. They were made for children aged 12-18 months. And they didn't fit her. Amelie has a couple of lion paws on the ends of her legs, and frankly they'd have been more comfy in the shoebox. Unfortunately, by the time we discovered that, Lisa had cut off the tags and thrown away the receipt. We spent a week forcing her fat feet into thin shoes, before the sound of throbbing and the sight of Smurf toes persuaded us to stop.

So she's needed some new shoes for a while. And what better way to get hold of a pair than by inviting Marie down for the afternoon, and telling her to buy some. She's very pliable like that. Unfortunately she's not quite pliable enough to persuade her to eat the Tuna Pasta Bake I'd so lovingly got out of a jar for her at lunchtime, but you can't have everything. Apparently after seven years of friendship, I should know that she doesn't eat fish. Although I'm sure she's had crabs.

Anyhoo, having ditched the tuna, we spent an enjoyable afternoon gossiping about other people, and feeling generally superior. Or maybe that was just me. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos, so here are a few to be going on with. None of us have changed. Apart from Amelie. I did get a request to mention that reprobate James on this blog, but frankly he's had enough namechecks as it is, and I still haven't forgiven him for cheating at Mike Read's Pop Quiz five years ago. I'll say one thing for the man though - I don't think his singing's as dreadful as Marie makes out.

With the breeze well and truly shot, Marie and I headed into town to look for baby shoes. We ended up searching the entire ranges of Primark, BHS, M & S, H & M, B & Q, Barratts and Next, which amounted to a grand total of... oooh, about three pairs. I don't know if there's some kind of anti-Amelie conspiracy going on (although it wouldn't surprise me), but the choice of size 4 girls shoes which didn't feature a picture of Peppa Pig or the words 'High School Musical' was meagre beyond belief. I would have given up, were it not for the odd looks we kept getting as we wheeled a barefoot one-year-old around Brighton city centre in the gathering gloom of November.

Fortunately, just as the frostbite was taking hold of Amelie's toes, we found the perfect pair in Next, and like the Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming combined, Marie waved her magic wand, produced a credit card, and slipped the shoes onto Cinderella's feet. Not only are they the perfect fit, but Amelie loves them, and they should last her for about six months. So I'll be inviting Marie back in April.