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Monday, November 23, 2009

This is my 1,800th blog post, so I'm celebrating with a song...

I think that's what you call a tough audience. It started well when she turned up with a backing band (well, a rubber band), but from that point onwards, things went downhill faster than Franz Klammer with a tailwind. I had to physically stop her from leaving at one point, and by the end she was resorting to sabotage. Frankly Simon Cowell would have been less critical.

But on the subject of outstanding vocal performances, Lisa and I are going to see Taylor Swift at Wembley Arena tonight. That's if they'll let us in after I asked Ticketmaster to cancel our tickets. We've arranged to meet a friend for dinner at Euston station (which is in the Michelin guide under 'Tyre Fitters'), so that when we're turned away from Wembley, we won't feel we've had a completely wasted journey.

Needless to say, Amelie would love a trip to London to meet the Queen (of country), but after careful consideration, we've decided to leave her in St Leonards with her grandparents. Having seen the way she reacts to a decent bit of singing, we don't want to end up with another Kanye West situation on our hands.


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