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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Today's startling fact of the day, which I read on the Guardian website (so I'm sure it's not a typo), is that on 1st January 1994, there were only 623 websites in existence. And none of them were porn.

But even more surprising than that, is this...

What a load of rubbish.
Yep, the Brighton binmen are on strike again. The stroll that Amelie and I took through Kemp Town this afternoon was like a walk down memory lane. Not that I'm old enough to remember the Winter of Discontent, but Lisa's told me all about it. At various points during our journey I had to wheel Am's buggy into the road because the bags, bin liners and bird-bitten black sacks were piled three high across the pavement at every communal bin site we passed. I wouldn't mind, but according to the Argus, the binmen aren't meant to be starting their strike until tomorrow. I assume they're all on annual leave at the moment.

Anyhoo, bearing in mind that industrial action is due to last for another week, the communal bin outside our flat is already full to overflowing, and we barely have enough room indoors to store a carrier bag, never mind a black sack, it'll be interesting to see where we'll be in a few days' time. Probably driving over to my parents' house with a boot full of rubbish.

Coincidentally, that's where we spent yesterday. Lisa, Amelie and I had a free weekend for a change, so we decided to head over to St Leonards and eat someone else's food for a day. Amelie took full advantage of the open space in my parents' living room by doing so much walking, I'm surprised she didn't end up with blisters on her feet. I attempted to make it more challenging for her by covering the floor in Mega Blocks and building a giant cat, but even that didn't put her off.

To be honest, I wish I'd let Amelie walk home. We didn't leave St Leonards until 10:30pm, by which time the heavens had opened and the rain was on the heavy side of torrential for most of our journey home. It was like driving through the trailer for 2012. Only slightly more scary. And the worst part was I'd only cleaned my car that afternoon.

But the good news is that my parents have recently gone greener than Lisa on a cruise ship, and have now started recycling rainwater. So after last night's downpour, they won't be paying to flush their toilet until spring.