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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Conservatives are in, and Lisa's sick to her stomach. I've never seen anyone so physically repulsed by the thought of a Lib-Con pact. Come to think of it, she started throwing up before they'd even announced it. As it happens, Lisa went down with a mystery illness early yesterday morning. Well, I say mystery. Personally I think she caught something from the Igglepiggle pyjamas. She hasn't been right since she posed for that photo. And let's face it, I bought them from a Hospice shop, so they've probably killed before.

For me though, the coalition government has ushered in a new era of productivity. With Lisa at death's door and Amelie asleep, I was able to get on last night with a job I've been meaning to do for... oooh, about three years now. Back in 2003, Jim Kitson of The Senators (click here if you’ve no idea who he is) sent me a couple of old promo videos from singles they'd released in 1988 and 1990. Using the stone-age technology we had in those days, I managed to put a lo-fi, fuzzy version of both on my Senators site. Versions which looked fine until technology advanced, everyone got broadband, and YouTube was invented. At which point they looked like they’d been created with a Victorian zoetrope.

So since about 2007, I've been meaning to produce some new digital versions of the videos which might actually be watchable. I even put a notice on this page of the website, promising to do it. That was about two years ago. And nothing's happened since. I blame the arrival of Amelie.

But now that we have a Prime Minister who's younger than my brother, I've been inspired to make better use of my time, and have finally dug out my old VCR and hooked it up to my PC. To be honest, I only really did it in preparation for getting my hands on some badger footage, but don't tell Mick & Jim Kitson.

So here, in high resolution technicolour (or at least two different shades of blue) are the guys who brought me and Lisa together...

That video dates from 1988, and was directed by Keith Allen, shortly before he divorced the mother of Lily. I was studying for my GCSEs at the time, and Lisa was... oh, I don't know, celebrating her 30th birthday or something.

It wasn't until 1990 that Lisa came across The Senators, when she saw their 'Ordinary Heartbreak' video on TV...

That was directed by Nick Willing. I remember his brother, God.

That video, and the album purchases which followed, made such an impression on Lisa that the moment the internet was invented, she was straight on there, entering the words 'Senators' and 'Kitson' into Google. And in 2002 she finally found what she was looking for:

Me. She's been disappointed ever since.