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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ignore the date at the top, I'm actually writing this on Tuesday the 18th, from the luxurious surroundings of a 'Prestige' caravan at the Burnham-on-Sea Holiday Village in Somerset. It's a lot like Doctor Who's Tardis. Not only does it look bigger on the inside, but it allows me to travel in time. And I've got a gorgeous assistant.

But enough about Lisa's Mum. As I write this, we've only been at the holiday park for twenty-four hours, but we've already made friends with the Canadian family next door...

We honk at each other every time we drive past.

So I'm well and truly down with the goose kids (which is a feather in my cap), and Amelie's keeping her fingers crossed that they'll let her play with them...

Pecking Order
In addition to having a gander at the neighbouring caravan, we've also been out for a duck hunt at the nearby lake. Amelie likes to run along the bank, shouting "Quack" at anything with wings, so she's on the verge of getting an ASBO from the local anglers. Frankly she's making a rod for her own back. And coming close to being hit with one.

Our journey down here yesterday was mostly without incident. I paid 50p for Amelie to have a ride on Clifford the Big Red Dog at a service station on the M4, which went well until the ride finished after about sixty seconds. At which point she looked up at me and shouted "More money!". I think it's a taste of things to come.

But we made it here in one (50p) piece, and settled into our accommodation. The caravan has three bedrooms and is bigger than our flat (not to mention more tidy), so I'm tempted to move in permanently. The park is very nice too - all grass, trees and lakes, with the beach just a stone's throw away. Although we haven't been able to test that yet, as it's all sand and no pebbles.

Amelie spent most of this morning doing laps of the nearby caravans, before accompanying me to the corner shop for the daily papers. Lisa's Mum asked if I could get her a copy of the Brighton Argus, but oddly, the Burnham-on-Sea branch of Spar appeared to have sold right out. So I got her the Daily Mirror instead. And told her to have a good look in it.

This afternoon we decided to explore Burnham town centre, so we piled into the car, turned left out of the holiday camp... and discovered it was only about 200 yards down the road. I wouldn't mind, but we ended up paying & displaying so close to our caravan, I could have watched for traffic wardens from the bedroom.

It was worth making the trip though, because we got to visit Britain's shortest pier...

I bought Amelie that bucket and spade from a pound shop in the town centre, but in the end she found something much better for building sand castles...

Gold Digger
Just look at that great big gold digger... sitting in the JCB.