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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I forgot to say that whilst on holiday last week, I taught Amelie to ride a bike...

Easy RiderAnd she didn't even need stabilisers. It's quite an achievement, because her mother struggles to stay upright on a tricycle.

Anyhoo, we finally left Somerset on Saturday, but before departing the holiday camp for the last time, we decided to treat ourselves to a cooked breakfast in the Mash & Barrel restaurant, on the grounds that anywhere that charges £2.95 per person has got to be good. Admittedly, having seen the size of the portions, I wished I'd paid £5.90 and had twice as much, but Amelie seemed to like it. Which is surprising, as when she first saw the menu, she tried to kill herself.

Lisa and I were queuing at the counter at the time, so the first we knew of the suicide bid was the sound of running, as Amelie left the restaurant at high speed with Lisa's Mum in hot pursuit. She made it past security, through the doors, and within three feet of the open air swimming pool before her grandmother managed to rugby-tackle her to the ground. To be honest, neither of them can swim, and Lisa's Mum said she nearly had a heart attack, so we could have had a double fatality on our hands. Which would have made next year's holiday a lot cheaper.

Fortunately they both survived to tell the tale (well, Lisa's Mum told the tale while Amelie asked for a bic-bic), and I think we all had a good holiday.

Tea Break
I was going to take a photo of us outside the caravan, but frankly we spent more time in those teapots.