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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

When it comes to fashionable hairstyles, Big Sis and I are in the same boat...

I'm the one on the left.
We're both up the creek without a paddle. Well, apart from the two in the photo. It's a wonder I look so cheerful.

I found that picture in an old photo album during our four-day binge-a-thon in St Leonards. I wanted something to read while I ate my ice cream and cheesecake. Fortunately (for our waistlines), we returned home yesterday afternoon, and I duly weighed myself this morning. I'm not saying it was bad news, but frankly I'm more depressed than I was a week ago.

On the plus side, Lisa's done her bit to help me avoid eating, by spending the afternoon creating the kind of lasagne you'd cross the street to avoid. Frankly even Iceland would think twice about charging for this one. I returned home to the smell of burning milk and the kind of kitchen only Kim & Aggie could clean. Things had got so bad that Lisa had been forced to call in a friend to act as some kind of Red Adair figure as her hopes went up in flames. I think it's where we get the phrase 'making a meal of it'.

But that's not the only stroke of luck I've had today. Returning to work after five days of mourning (and six days of eating), I was cheered up this afternoon when fate stepped in with a bit of serendipitous good fortune. I was doing an all-day clinic at Horsham Hospital (which didn't feel that lucky when the alarm went off at 6:15am) so at lunchtime today I braved the rats of Horsham Park and made my way into town to the nearest charity shop. Where I immediately found this piece of kit for only ten quid...

Badger CamIt's a bona fide badger cam! Well, kind of. It's actually a NatureWatch Micro Wireless Camera with colour, sound and infra red vision for seeing in the dark. The night vision's only in black & white, but that doesn't matter because so are badgers.

It's actually designed for installing inside a bird box, so that you can see tits on your TV before the 9pm watershed. But having tried (and failed) to film the nocturnal wildlife of Hastings using a video camera which barely functions after dusk, it's just what I need. I'll be filming episodes of Big Badger in no time.