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Thursday, July 01, 2010

The saxophone solo ended up lasting for three hours last night. I've never known a British Summertime to go on for so long. By five-to-ten I was so brassed off, I felt like marching straight over there and giving the man a new kind of woodwind by attacking his solar plexus with a baseball bat.

But fortunately I didn't need to. On the dot of 10 o'clock, the sax addiction ended. So I expect he's a fan of Desperate Housewives. He's certainly created a few, if my own reaction was anything to go by. The only thing that stopped Lisa turning to drink was the fact that she was out all evening at AA.

But on the subject of people who ought to apologise, Amelie appears to be developing a guilty conscience. In the past few days she's suddenly learnt to say sorry for every misdemeanor, so she's now shouting "Sorry Daddy" every time she shuts my head in the fridge, and "Sorry Mummy" as she looks at the bowl of food all over the carpet. Yesterday she even apologised for having a dirty nappy.

As of Tuesday, she's been saying sorry to Chloe for running her over with her buggy, but the biggest development is that she's now started apologising to inanimate objects. We've got a big desk fan in the living room, which Amelie calls 'Wheels', presumably because much like the wheels on the bus, it goes round and round, all day long. Yesterday she knocked it over whilst climbing on the coffee table to reach a remote control - an action which certainly deserves some kind of apology. Unfortunately she didn't direct it towards me or Lisa. Instead she cried out "Sorry Wheels", then picked up the fan, gave it a hug, and said "Cuddles". Frankly that thing gets more love than I do.


Phil's Mum said...

She takes after her cousin, who thinks everything is her fault - except with Amelie it probably IS!

Dave said...

Take up the drums, to accompany your neighbour. 

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'old' friend said...

Aah! Bless! 

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