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Thursday, April 28, 2011

In the world of masked Mexican wrestling horses, this one's based on Michael Jackson's children...

Mane Man
He's getting ready for next year's Grand National by wearing a tarpaulin.

But horse boxers aside, the good thing about spending four days going up and down Big Sis's endless flights of stairs is that it prepares you for getting home and finding that the lift is out of order. We arrived back in Brighton on Tuesday afternoon to discover that there'd been another technical breakdown. I expect there's a dead body stuck in the lift shaft.

Our last night in Wiltshire was actually the best of all. And not just because we were going home the next day. Having been singularly unimpressed by The Hourglass, Lisa and I left Sis in charge of babysitting duties on Monday night, and headed further afield in search of something decent to eat. And I'm pleased to say we found it.

I've had more hot dinners than most people have had... um... hot dinners, but The Well at Bulkington exceeded pretty much every meal I've ever tasted. Everything about the place was perfect. And I'm not even being paid to say that. Before we'd even looked at the menu, we knew we were going to like it. The surroundings, the welcome, the ambience, the fact that the other customers weren't drunk, rowdy and talking rubbish in loud voices - it beat The Hourglass in every department. They even managed to print a menu without spelling mistakes.

But the main star was the food. I don't think I've ever tasted anything nicer. Frankly if I lived in Bulkington, I'd be morbidly obese, bankrupt and happy. Despite going for the cheapest items on the menu, we were served with the kind of dishes I'd happily rob my own sister to pay for. I never knew a chicken kiev could taste so good, and Lisa was tempted to break down the kitchen door and demand their lasagne recipe. Everything was cooked to perfection, with a sauce I'd have been prepared to lick off the floor if I'd spilt any. Fortunately I didn't. As for the desserts, if you think £5.25 is a bit steep for a pudding, you need to try their white chocolate cheesecake. Frankly it was underpriced and overwhelming.

Like the woman in 'The Ring', we eventually staggered out of The Well two hours later, cursing the fact that we'd only discovered it on our last night. With competition like that, time is running out for The Hourglass. I'm even considering staying with Big Sis more often, just so I can go there. If you need a reason to visit Wiltshire (and let's face it, you do), The Well at Bulkington could be it.


Dave said...

I feel hungry now.  Does your sister want any more visitors this summer?

Phil said...

After having Amelie for four days, probably not.

A Passer-by said...

You should get youself a weekend job as a food/restaurant critic in an up-market publication, then all the local eating places would invite you to sample their food (for free, of course) so you could write about it.

Or send a copy of this blog to The Well, and they might invite you back at a discount! 

jon the bassist said...

I think the restaurant critic is a brilliant idea. That menu at the Well looks very good (but possibly a little pricey)
You could have also mentioned in your revue that the proprietor Tim Taylor used to be in the Goodies, and the fact that he must have dropped the 'Brook' when moved into the Well.