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Sunday, April 17, 2011

My parents currently have my twelve-year-old niece and her friend staying with them for a week as part of some kind of Easter penance type thing where they pay for their sins with eternal suffering. I'm not sure how it's been going, but I received this text message from my Mum this morning...

"Thinking of dragging the girls to Beachy Head this afternoon".

So I don't think it's a hundred per cent rosy. I was going to text back to suggest that they stop off at the Wish Tower Restaurant on the way, but I didn't want to add to their suffering.

Mind you, they're not the only ones scaling the heights of Sussex and throwing themselves off cliffs today. This was Amelie less than two hours ago...

Peachy Head
That's the Whitehawk Estate behind her. So if the drop doesn't kill you, the residents will.

Lisa went off to church this morning, so I was landed with Amelie for a couple of hours. It's no wonder they call it Palm Sunday. Personally I'd already witnessed a man riding a donkey when I watched my selection in the Scottish Grand National yesterday, so I felt no need to attend, and instead chose to take Amelie up Whitehawk Hill in the midday sun with nothing but a flamingo and a badly positioned hair slide.

To be honest, I think it was a bit of a disappointment for her. As we walked up the hill, she said "I want to go to a shop with food and toys", so I'm not sure a field with dandelions really did it for her. I had to tell her it was an open air branch of Poundland.

I did, however, show her the TV mast responsible for beaming her favourite shows across the whole of Brighton...

Amelie on TV
One strategically placed bomb and I could be rid of Cbeebies forever.


Phil's Mum said...

Poor little Amelie.  She'd have been better off at Beachy Head.  Unfortunately her cousin is also objecting to THAT idea, so we may end up at St. Leonards!

Dave said...

MI6 are tracking your blog.  If someone blows up that mast now, we'll never see you again.  Or Cbeebies, whatever that is.