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Saturday, April 09, 2011

We're off in ten minutes to see a show in the west end. That's the west end of Burgess Hill. But today's Grand National day, and it's a well known fact that I've been successfully tipping the winners of the big race here since 2004. Who can forget 2006, when I accurately tipped Silver Birch to win the National at 25-1. Exactly twelve months before he did so.

So in an effort to continue my astonishing run of uncanny predictions, I shut myself in the bedroom this morning and studied the Grand National form while Amelie hammered on the door with a broken bubble machine, and I'm pleased to announce that these are the horses you should be on this year...

Arbor Supreme1st. Arbor Supreme at 22-1.

Quinz2nd. Quinz at 16-1

West End Rocker3rd. West End Rocker at 40-1

Skippers Brig4th. Skippers Brig at 33-1

Chief Dan George5th. Chief Dan George at 50-1

Calgary Bay will lead for the first three miles, then fade out of sight, and I've put two quid on In Compliance at 120-1. But other than that, you can cross the rest out. Unless it rains. In which case, put the mortgage on Silver By Nature.

Right, I'm off to sing songs with a hall full of toddlers...


A Passer-by said...

If the Bubble Machine is broken, Amelie will want the Potty Fairy to return her potty, as it is obviously not one of these cheap items that breaks easily! 

Phil's Mum said...

Clever of Amelie to get you out of the house on Grand National Day!

Dave said...

If I was on one of those horses, as you suggest, it's unlikely to get very far.

Did you win?

Phil said...

I think I might delete this post.

Dave said...

Save it for next year.